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Moon Light Fancy Works

Since 1975, Moon Light Fancy Works has been providing Top Class products to fulfill the Requirements in the Apparel Industry. We are an Industry involved in Manufacturing of All kinds of Export Quality Ribbon Tapes, Jacquard Laces, Cotton Laces, Jhalars, Fringes, Braiding Trims, Schiffli Embroidery and Fabrics. We firmly believe in satisfying the consumers with the Best Quality.

Manufacturers of High Quality Designer Laces, Garment Trims, Schiffli Embroidery and Fabrics.

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our salient features

Customize your Design

We can provide you with the Customizations of Design the way you want them to be.

High Quality Production

Our products satisfy the high quality standards which are used by Top brands in their Designs.

Quick Response

We listen to you and stay updated to any queries you have and Respond quickly.

Large Production Capacity

We have a vast production capacity to provide completely satisfactory results in a short span of time.

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Reach us quickly for any Requirements or Queries

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