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Our Catalogue

A Collection of some of our Products

Jacquard Laces

Fine Jacquard Laces, Multi Colored Belts, Multi Webbing, Tapes, Jacquard Feeta

Chemical Laces, GPO Laces

Chemical Laces, GPO Laces

Cotton Laces

Cotton Laces, Multi Fringes, Multi Colored Trims

Check Ribbons

Check Ribbons

Multi Jacquard Fringes

Multi Jacquard Fringes, Double Side Fringes, Multi Tassel

Allover Embroidery Fabrics

Allover Embroidery Fabrics, One Side Border Laces, Cambric Allover Fabric, Embroidered Fabrcis

Multi Braid Laces

Multi Braid Laces, Fine Laces, Braiding Laces

Grosgrain Tapes

Multi Grosgrain Tapes, Thin Jacquard, Multi Feeta, Fine Trims

Ribbed Tapes, Knitted Fancy Lace

Ribbed Tapes, Rachel Multi Tape, Knitted Fancy Lace, Rachel Lace

Fine Multi Coloured Ricrac Laces

Fine Laces, Multi Dori, Multi Coloured Ricrac, Laces, Thin Braids

Fancy Laces

Fancy Laces, Designer Belts, Webbings

Cotton Jhalars, Fringes, Tassel Laces

Cotton Jhalars, Cotton Fringes, Tassel Laces

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